10 Tips to enjoy Kerala at its best

Kerala, better known as God’s own country, has a lot to offer for people of all ages. Kerala is like a bouquet of myriad flowers which can give you a different feel depending on the city you choose in the state. From our experiences in this amazing land, we have identified a few things (10 to be precise) which can make your Kerala trip more enjoyable.

So here goes our list of 10 tips to enjoy Kerala at its best:

  1. Drive through tea plantations in Munnar

Munnar has beautiful lush green tea plantations. To enjoy its beauty to the fullest, drive through the plantations. But beware! it may leave you speechless. Of course you can also buy the best quality tea from here.

  1. Enjoy elephant ride in Thekkady

While the elephant ride in Munnar is more famous, you would find huge crowd there. That means long queues and more waiting time. So better to skip the ride in Munnar and rather enjoy the same at Thekkady. Lesser crowd, cheaper, and you get more time to enjoy the ride. At the elephant camp you can also feed and bathe the elephant.

  1. Reach the Periyar Boating ticket counter 1.5-2 hrs. before the boating time

Periyar Lake boating is the most famous activity in Thekkady. So you should be in the queue 1.5-2 hrs. before the boating time, otherwise you may not get the tickets. You may also buy tickets online but the ticket which goes for INR 150 at the counter, is INR 500 online.

  1. Don’t miss Ayurveda massage in Alleppey

Kerala’s Ayurveda massage is famous all over India and around the world. It is totally worth the hype. You should definitely go for one when you are in the state. We found Sreekrishna Ayurveda Massage Center in Alleppey absolutely smashing. This massage would rejuvenate your body and mind.

  1. Watch the Kathakali and Kalaripayattu shows in Thekkady

Kathakali (Kerala’s classical dance-drama) and Kalaripayattu (native form of martial art) are unique cultural activities in Kerala. Unless you absorb the culture and traditions of the land, your travel would not be complete. Go for these shows and you will be mesmerized.

  1. Book your houseboat in advance

It is hard to get houseboat on the spot in peak season. Even in off-season, you may not get a houseboat (of your size needs) if there are group bookings. If you do not want to be disappointed by leaving a chance to stay in a houseboat, just book it in advance (or read the next tip).

  1. Go for Shikara ride in Alleppey

Houseboat rides are the preferred mode of exploring the backwaters in Alleppey. And the land is famous for it. But if you want to explore and enjoy the backwaters in their true element, go for a Shikara ride. A Shikara can go through the small canals and under the bridges which the big boats cannot access. You would get to see the life in backwaters with villages on the both side of the canals. And that actually feels like Venice in India.

  1. Avoid Kochi (Cochin) sightseeing in summer and rainy seasons.

Kochi is very humid in summer and rainy seasons. It would be best to skip the city (especially during the day) if you are planning your trip in these seasons. If you really want to go around Kochi at that time, it is best to hire an A/C car. But even that would give you short respite.

  1. Hire a private vehicle

It is advisable to hire a private vehicle in Kerala instead of relying on public transport. There are number of small stops in each city. So it is cumbersome to find a public mode of transport for each stop. You can hire a local tour vehicle at each city and travel on public bus between the cities. This way might be cheaper, but we would recommend you hire a vehicle for complete Kerala trip (which is much more convenient).

  1. Avoid Wayanad on long weekends

Wayanad gets way too crowded on long weekends because of proximity to Bangalore. High probability that you would be stuck in long queues and/or traffic jams at most of the top spots wasting your precious vacation time. So, either go to Wayanad on not-so-long weekends; or if your travel time is fixed, skip Wayanad altogether in favor of Ooty/Coonoor which are usually less crowded.

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Do you have any tips from your Kerala experience? Drop in a comment or send us a mail. We will definitely reply and the useful tips will be published in a special feature.


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