About Us

Hi! We are Vinisha and Saumye, a couple who has full time day jobs but are bitten by travel bug.

After dating for 4 years, we got married in 2013. Since then we have been exploring and traveling as much as possible. So far we have been successful in taking out time to follow our hearts.

Like any globetrotter we aspire to travel around the world and have an every growing list for future travels. But realistically we are taking one destination at a time. Slow and steady is the way for now. We love to explore the off-beat destinations. At the same time we do travel on the much trodden path (Why leave an awesome experience just because it is ‘touristy’?). We have other expenses as well (duh!) so we cannot splurge on each trip. But neither do travel on a shoestring.

We hope that through our tales you would get a taste of all the wonderful places we have traveled and more. We would be happy to help you in creating your own dream vacations so reach out to us.

What’s in the name?

Penguins are remarkable creatures which are largely monogamous and form long lasting bonds with their partner. They are flightless birds. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could fly? If we could see actual, real, flying penguins (not like the BBC Hoax).

So that’s us. Two of a kind birds who flock together and aspire to fly high. 🙂