Coffee trails at Chikamagalur (Part 1)

Green and coffee. These two words pretty much sums up our 3-days Chikamagalur trip.

If you wish to relax in the midst of nature, this is the place. If you wish to see lush green valleys and plantations, this is the place. And if you wish to enjoy hot delicious coffee, the answer is same.


Monsoon hit the southern states in India around the first week of June. We were scouting for destination for our next weekend trip. There are few places in the country which are good to visit during the monsoons. Many destinations are ruled out due to one or the other drawbacks; they are either closed (wildlife and adventure sports) or are humid (plains) or are simply not favorable (beaches with choppy waters).

Then there is one region which is lush green, which is soothing to the eyes and the mind alike, and which becomes more attractive during the monsoons. Yes, they are the Western Ghats. The beauty of the Ghats is accentuated in the monsoon days. So, when the rains hit the region this year, we were pulled towards the blessed sight of green valleys and the decadent smell of coffee at Chikamagalur. The idea of sitting and sipping a piping hot cup of filter coffee while it drizzled over the sprawling dark green coffee plantations seemed to be so surreal and magnetic at the same time.

View from our room
View from our room (like we imagined)

However, it hadn’t been an easy decision to select this wonderful place. We had been stuck in traffic during our Wayanad visit and had wasted hours sitting in our cab waiting for the traffic to inch ahead, only to give up after a long wait. So, we have been wary of visiting any hill stations within driving distance of Bengaluru on a long weekend. Though Chikamagalur ticked both the boxes (unfortunately), we still narrowed it down for the Eid weekend with our fingers crossed. It is comparatively less popular destination, and we had hoped that it would attract lesser traffic as well.

After overnight train to Bengaluru, we took the cab to Chikamagalur. The road is great with NH 75 till Hassan and then SH 57 till Chikamagalur. Luckily, we did not find the ill-famed Bengaluru traffic after the first toll outside the city and on the way back as well. So, we made the distance in good time. The ride was smooth and when we drove through the Ghat section, we started to repent that we hadn’t decided to self-drive (that would change soon).

Amazing stay

Before the tale could move ahead, a big…nay HUGE shout out to the team at Sabyatha Homestay which made our stay amazing. It was like the perfect homestay if there ever was. First the hygiene points: the room was clean and spacious; we had hot water in the bathrooms and blankets on the bed to keep us warm; beautiful location in the middle of coffee plantation. Then they took it to the next level by helpful service at our call, huge verandah for playing, personal campfires in the night and all round scrumptious home-cooked food. We couldn’t think of anything to make the stay better.

Sabyatha Homestay
Sabyatha Homestay

And we were taken on a guided personalized tour of their own coffee plantations. We got to see different types of coffee plants growing in the region and other local growths as well. It was fun and informative at the same time.

Coffee estate tour
Coffee estate tour

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Do you have a story to tell about your Chikamagalur experience? Drop in a comment or send us a mail. We will definitely reply. All the interesting tales will be published in a special feature.


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