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Planning to go to Hampi? You would have hundreds of questions. So here we have FAQs about Hampi answered.

Snippet of an actual conversation below would help you with the basics (and more) to plan your trip better.

Hi there,

I am planning to go to Hampi later this month with family. I have been reading about Hampi online and the place seems really nice. I would appreciate if you could help me with a few things in specific.

[Anonymous] How many days are worth spending at this place to soak in the quiet surroundings of Hampi. Day 1 will take me to Hampi(planning to leave early morning by 6) , stay there for 1 day, then back to Hyderabad on Day 3. Hope the stay duration is not too short because I really want to enjoy all the things that are on offer unhurriedly at this seemingly beautiful village. 🙂 I am still undecided whether to extend my stay by another day. Please advise on this part.

[ThePenguins] Your plan seems fine to me. Basically Hampi has places to visit in both sides of the river.

One side is main Hampi where you have temples, palace etc., and the other is opposite side of river is where you have places related to Ramayana and lots of paddy fields. If you are driving you will have to drive around 40 km from one side to the other as the bridge is that far. So if you are starting by 6 then you would reach Hampi by lunch time. You can directly go to “other side” of Hampi. And I would suggest to stay on this side as there are good budget resorts here and you will find beautiful paddy fields just in front of your room.

You can start exploring places after lunch. There is a Hanuman temple for which you will have to climb around 400-450 stairs. So make sure you reach there on time to witness the awesome view of sunset from the top. We were rendered speechless. Then you can enjoy the evening in the resort.

On Day 2, you can start for main Hampi. You will need full day to enjoy the architecture and beauty. Then on Day 3, you can start your day by visiting places left on “other side”. If not, then you can enjoy the lake and paddy fields and start for Hyderabad at your convenient time.

[Anonymous] Any recommendations for a good budget accommodation from your end?

[ThePenguins] We stayed in Gowri Resort which is on “other side” of the river. We really liked it. I would suggest to book Deluxe room there as it has good view of paddy fields which you can enjoy from the swing placed in front of every room. And it is on the walking distance from the Lake so that is the advantage.


[Anonymous] Apart from the above two questions, any other generic advise related to anything we may need to take care of during the trip will be most welcome 🙂


[ThePenguins] Not to miss places would be sunset from Hanuman temple. In main Hampi, we really liked Vijaya Vittala temple and group of Jain temples (Hemakuta Temples) built near Virupaksha Temple. So will advise to must visit them. For food, we liked “Mango Tree restaurant” in main Hampi.

One more suggestion, whenever you are ordering anything, ask about the dish otherwise you may end up ordering something which you did not want. We ordered momos there, and we assumed it will be steamed but there they mean fried momos when you just order momos 😛


PS: Please ignore any spelling or grammar errors as it is a real snippet of conversation.


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