Coolest road signs spicing Ladakh roads

Life is a journey complete it

Pretty cool message. Don’t you think so? A bit philosophical as well. And we found it on a road sign.

The highways in Ladakh have a whole bunch of them. Most of them are quiet clever and funny. They were different from the usual run-of-the-mill signage we usually see. If you have a liking for word play, you would surely enjoy these road signs.

Cool Ladakh road signs
Cool signs on the roads across Ladakh

These are actual road signs we saw on our trip:

  • Drive on horse power and not on rum power
  • Be gentle on my curves
  • Shortcuts may cut your life short
  • Be soft on curves
  • Don’t be a gama in the land of lama
  • Enjoy my curves, don’t hug them
  • Drive slow to avoid grave below
  • Natural beauty: enjoy it but not while on wheel
  • Drive like hell and you will be there
  • Be Mr. late not late Mr.
  • Go slow and enjoy natural beauty
  • Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer
  • Life is short don’t make it shorter
  • After whiskey drive is risky
  • Speed is a knife that cuts life
  • Fast don’t last
  • Safety on road “save tea” at home
  • Check your nerves on my curves
  • East or west safe driving is the best
  • Eager to last then why fast
  • Best of the drivers are aware that they must beware
  • This is highway not die way
  • Mountains are pleasure if you drive with leisure
  • Safety is no accident
  • Three enemies of the road liquor speed and overload
  • Trees don’t grow on money either
  • Trees on, carbon dioxide gone

Do you have a story to tell about your Ladakh experience? Drop in a comment or send us a mail. We will definitely reply. All the interesting tales will be published in a special feature.


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