Our Services – Why and How

We are offering our services for planning and booking your trips.

We know it is a big space with so many different entities offering similar services. But we found that planning and booking on our own gave us the better trips than the run-of-the-mill packages. Even you could do it yourself. But, the effort in getting all the bookings together with keeping track of the timing etc. can be a bit daunting.

Through research for our own trips we got to know so much about the destinations and that we would always plan things a bit differently than the standard packages. So, we are bringing the same personalized packages for you. And we have some distinct advantages over the big travel companies:

  1. We do not have tie-ups with hotels: Yes, that is an advantage as no tie-ups means we not biased. And we can choose the best available option depending on your particular needs. You may want big family rooms, or off-beat tents, or high end hotels or simple home-stays; and if they are available we could book it for you.
  2. Flexibility: There are no fixed schedule for our packages. If you want to leave in a day or in a year, we could plan something for you.
  3. Personalized packages: We are not organizing any group tours. So every package is carefully crafted to your particular taste and you have all the privacy of the individual tour.
  4. No overhead: We do not pad your package with heavy overhead costs. We would simply have the actual booking cost with a small token for our services.

Many of you might not even know that you are losing out on so many levels when you book the big packages.

Those who do know this, might not have…

…the INITIATION to select the destinations…

…the DILIGENCE to find the numerous choices…

…the EXPERIENCE to make the right choice and…

…the TIME to make the bookings.

And this is where WE come in. We offer all of this to you and more.

We have ventured out to build the kind of itineraries we would like. The itineraries would be what the travelers would love and what they should be going for given the money they are paying.

We knew planning for our travel and for others are different ball games. We started out slowly with our immediate circle. We planned several end-to-end trips right from selecting the destination to planning the itinerary to booking the trip to support during the trip. After we had the experience of some domestic and some international trips under our belt, we were confident to take on more bookings.

Now this is where YOU come in. If you are planning any trip for yourself or for others just reach out to US.

So if you are planning any trip for yourself or for others, do reach out to us. Reach out to us through any (or all) of these modes: