50+ trip bookings

We get our kick by helping people travel. And when we hear back from a satisfied customer, that is what keeps our engines running.

We do not engage in any advertising and get our clientele from word of mouth. We believe a satisfied client is the best marketing for us.  The multitude of feedback received across the trips and across forums are a testimony to our high quality of service and customer satisfaction. But don’t just believe what I have to say, read it for yourself.

Go to our Facebook page to read the reviews our clients have posted there.

Below are some of the reviews mailed to us:

8 days Kerala trip for Aditi +6

Aditi review

5 day Kerala trip for Binod and family

Binod reviews

5 days Mysore and Ooty trip for Sreeramulu and family

Sreeramulu review

5 days Kerala trip from Ajaz

Ajaz review

4 days Kerala trip for Suneetha (one of the first travelers with us)

Suneetha review

6 days Kerala trip for Bhargav +5 friends

Bhargav review

3 days Ooty trip for Santhosh

Santhish review

4 days Kerala trip for Deepak +6

Deepak reviews

10 days Kerala trip for Kuldeep and family

Kuldeep reviews

7 days Kerala trip for Vidyasagar family

Vidyasagar reviews

5 days Kerala trip reviews from Pavan / Santhosh

Pavan review

5 days Kerala trip for Chandra

Chandra review

5 days Kerala trip for Manish

Manish review

We have many other thank you notes and feedback letter in our mailbox. We would keep on adding more to this list as we continue to make the travel bookings and provide exceptional service.